Maternity Bras

Your breasts will undergo many changes from the moment you become pregnant. The first big change you will experience are probably pain. Painful breasts are some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy during those first few months and you can experience pain and tenderness throughout your pregnancy as your breasts swell and grow bigger in order to prepare for your little one.  Read More

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It can be hard to find the right underwear when you don’t know just how much your breasts will expand during pregnancy and finding a suitable bra is especially hard during breastfeeding since your breasts can vary quite a lot in size depending on just how full they become. 

At Baby Luno, we try our best to help mums enjoy a comfortable and happy pregnancy and maternity and that is exactly why we distribute a wide range of fine quality baby products, maternity garments and maternity bras in Australia.

Why You Need To Buy a Maternity Bra

Many new mums think that an average bra will do for pregnancy and breastfeeding but the moment you start experiencing discomfort you will know exactly why we highly recommend buying a maternity bra when you become pregnant. Nursing bras give you many great benefits such as the following;

Comfort - Our maternity bras and nursing sports bras are made of soft fabric and no underwire that gives just the right amount of support so you can feel comfortable during your pregnancy or while caring for a busy little baby.

Reduces pain - These bras are designed to expand with your body and reduce pain during those stages where your breasts can become swollen, inflamed and sore.

Eases breastfeeding - Maternity bras make it much easier to breastfeed your little one because you can easily unclip or loosen up the breast cup in order to access your little one’s food supply. With normal bras, you need to strip down and undress, but with these bras, you can nurse your little one much more discreetly in public areas without having to reveal anything that you might feel uncomfortable showing. The thick padding of these bras also absorbs those awkward milk spills that your breast pads might not contain so you can prevent feeling embarrassed when you are out and about and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Stylish - Our maternity bras also look incredibly stylish and are functional for discreet wear with just about any type of dress or top. When you buy maternity bras online in Australia, you can look your best while giving your little one the best possible head start through nursing.

We Deliver Across Australia

Baby Luno doesn’t just provide stylish and high-quality baby and maternity wear, we also ease the process of getting these goods because you don’t have to shop around or travel to find the right products. You can shop any of our products, including nursing bras, online from our website. We deliver across the country and can have these items delivered to your doorstep in no time at all.

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