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After getting the okay from your doctor, many women will want to get back into exercising again after having a baby. No matter how easy or hard your pregnancy was, your body has just gone through a huge transformation and, contrary to what celebrities would have you believe, you will not simply snap back into shape straight after giving birth. It takes time and patience once you start exercising again and you will need to invest in new gym wear including a sports bra to wear while nursing. Read More

Best Nursing Sports Bra Australia

We have a range of fantastic sports clip down nursing bra items for you to pick and choose from in our online store that will fit into a nappy bag and will also aid you in making getting fit and healthy as easy as possible. After choosing new gym workout wear, take the advice below where we go into our top tips for postpartum exercise.

Tips To Ease Into A Postpartum Exercise Routine

Our first top tip to follow when trying to ease into a postpartum exercise routine is to do just that, ease into it! Make sure that you are taking things slowly and not pushing yourself too hard as this can actually set you back on your recovery. For example, before going back to the gym, why not start by going for some walks near your home. If you feel great and there are no aches or bleeds, then you will know that you are ready to start going back to the gym soon. Build up your exercise routine and don’t put your body through too much all at once!

What kind of nursing sports bra to use postpartum

If you are nursing, then you will need to wait longer to start exercising as you need to wait for the milk supply to kick in. You will need a good nursing sports bra, and remember, you actually need around 500 more calories a day, so make sure you are eating enough and not over exercising during this time, otherwise you could even start to lose weight too quickly.

Maternity Sport Exercises To Try When Nursing

Before hitting up the gym classes that you did before, why not try out some different activities to help you get back into exercise. Many new mums have to avoid high impact cardio for a time, making this the perfect opportunity to try out sports or rediscover old ones you used to love. This could be as simple as walking in maternity leggings or swimming. Swimming is great as it is gentle on your joints that can be weakened during pregnancy.

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Nursing Sports Bra Advice

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