Nursery Play mat

Playmats – The Centre Piece of Your Baby Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery is such an exciting time. As you anticipate baby’s arrival, preparing their little nursery is undoubtedly a priority for you. As you prepare your list of items and décor, somewhere near the top of that list should be a nursery playmat. Read More

Nursery Playmat Australia

From a design and décor perspective, baby playmats tend to be a focal point, occupying the centre of the room or nursery floor. Colourful and adorned with cute patterns, motifs, toys and cushions, they are a beautiful addition to any playroom or nursery.

Helping Baby To Develop and Learn

Beyond serving as a beautiful design feature, the main purpose of a playmat is to aid your baby’s learning and development. It is amazing at just much a playmat can stimulate your baby's senses, entertain them and develop important cognitive functions. Playmats help babies to:

Developing vision and focus

Babies are born with quite blurred vision. However, as they are exposed to the various colours and shapes of the playmat, they develop interest and focus on these amusing sights, which helps to improve their vision.

Building motor skills

Use your nursery mat to encourage baby to turn over, become comfortable on their tummy and encourage them to look at and play with different tots on the mat to help build their motor skills.

Buy The Best Nursery Mat Online With Baby Luno

Looking for the best mats Australia has to offer? Well, you have certainly come to the right place! As one of Australia’s leading online baby stores, Baby Luno are delighted to offer some exclusive playmat designs, including those from Swedish brand, Elodie Details.

Many of our playmats have beautiful reversible designs and provide a soft and safe place for baby to lay down or sit up and play. For easy use and maintenance, the baby playmats that we carry from Elodie Details are machine washable in cold delicate wash. Made with 100% cotton and 100% polyester padding, they are free of any hazardous chemicals and have a lovely light foam padding and soft cushion.

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