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Meet Anna Kooiman: Strong Sexy Mammas Prenatal and Postnatal exercise specialist

Meet Anna Kooiman: Strong Sexy Mammas Prenatal and Postnatal exercise specialist

Anna Kooiman

We chat to Anna Kooiman, Mum of 2 (3 month old Annabel and 2 and a half year old Brooks. Anna developed Strong Sexy Mammas after having her first child and realising there is a real need for safe and effective (yet challenging) online exercise classes for prenatal and postnatal women (Postnatal could mean freshly postpartum or years down the line with multiple kids). Prenatal and postnatal women have unique needs and they are not properly being met by the fitness industry. Anna is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, pre and post natal diastasis and core consultant, prenatal and postnatal corrective exercise specialist, women's fitness specialist, and international TV host.
Anna is offering all baby luno customers an exclusive $30 off discount on the one year membership and also this 6 week challenge (challenge starts September 6th!) use code BABYLUNO when signing up at Strong Sexy Mammas.  

Tell us a little bit about you!

I am an international TV host and creator of Strong Sexy Mammas (Pre + Post Pregnancy Online Fitness). I'm a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Diastasis and Core Consultant. I’m an American who married a handsome Aussie bloke and now live in Bondi Beach. We used to live in New York City where I hosted the number one cable morning show in the world. But we moved to start our family. Now we have two kids!! A 12 week old baby girl, Annabel and 2.5 year old, Brooks.

Anna Kooiman


And tell us a bit about Strong Sexy Mammas!

Strong Sexy Mammas is an on-demand and live streaming exercise program for pre+post pregnancy and beyond. We help women improve their pelvic floor, flatten their tummies, lengthen & tone.... and most importantly... boost their mood!! I am a marathon runner, triathlete, fitness instructor etc. Getting pregnant was life changing for me. For some it’s hard to get started with exercise. For me it was hard to slow down! I offer tough workouts that work! But my programs make fitness & nutrition attainable and approachable. I am not the food police or the exercise police. I believe in balance. My program involves on-demand group classes where my ‘talent’ are real mums and bubs. I take the extra time to shoot with women who are going through the same things you are! Not trainers who have hours on end to spend on their bodies at the gym! Lol My workouts are 30 minutes are less. One fan favourite is ‘4 Minutes of Fire’ that really gets the job done!!

Anna Kooiman


How are you managing the “juggle” with 2 little ones, Brooks and Annabel?

OMG! The struggle is real! I never thought I needed help. But I do! Annabel is just 12 weeks old and quite demanding of my attention. So getting my mother in law once a week and a babysitter for a couple hours a couple days a week has been a godsend. I was having a hard time managing my business and a newborn. This makes it easier. I totally recommend getting help and getting over our egos of wanting to do it all ourselves. 

What has been your biggest learning curve after having your second baby?

Schedule! I need one but can’t seem to find a rhythm yet. At the end of the day I go.... oh my gawd how is it already 5pm. And I still have my while ‘to do list’ still to do?!!

What have been your favourite baby products this time around?

Water Wipes early on for the sensitive skin. My Medela breast pump because it helped me get a great ‘just in case’ stash. The baby luno Nordic Footmuff to keep Annabel warm and cosy on pram walks. Bibs from Cotton On Kids because Annabel is a ‘happy chucker!’ And my Dockatot baby lounger.
Nordic Footmuff

And what were your favourite maternity ‘must haves’?

I loved the POP! Maternity Pregnancy Singlets, I actually lived in those singlets and would tell every mum I could find about how great they were. Really show off the beautiful bump and high quality material. And Birkenstock’s.... hands down. I have bad feet and pregnancy makes it worse. I have gone from fancy high heels, beautiful dresses, jewellery and makeup, to Birkenstock’s and backpacks and shift dresses.


What products do you recommend to Mums in the postpartum stage?

Early on.... some sort of belly wrap for the first 6 weeks... then I recommend my Strong Sexy Mammas early postnatal core and core progressive workouts to help flatten the tummy. The Cadenshae Nursing Sports Bras are also a must have!


Strong Sexy Mammas


What are your best bits of advice for new Mums (not baby related but Mum related!)?

Meal prep!! Before Annabel was born I froze about 8 super super healthy casseroles. We just thawed them out and put them in the oven for a little while and served with mixed greens... and dinner was done!!

What is the most common thing you hear from Mums when starting their Strong Sexy Mumma’s journey?

Time!! Mums... especially mums with more than one child are incredibly time poor! We think of everyone before ourselves and often Fitness takes a backseat. I help to change that with my short workouts. Another fab favourite is called Toned in 25.

 And what do you hear from them at the end of one of your challenges?

This is our first one! We are 5 weeks in. Women are already telling me they are feeling tighter and more energized. To keep us from focussing too much on our bodies, we focus on our fitness! We have a "Cardio Sculpt Fitness Tracker" that we do once a week. We watch the repetitions go up as we get stronger and it is empowering!! We have a private Facebook group that keeps us all accountable. I am loving it! Along with the video on demand workouts we also offer live classes on Saturdays for the challengers. It's fun to see everyone on Zoom!


When does your next challenge start?

September 6th. I hope the baby luno Mums will take part! I have a coupon code for you BABYLUNO for $30 off the challenge! 

How can Mums get involved? (what equipment, time, fitness level, etc?)

This is for all fitness levels! That’s the beautiful thing about Strong Sexy Mammas. I offer loads of progressions and regressions of exercises. This is important not just for the fitness levels but for us as individuals. Sometimes we don’t feel like running and jumping or doing burpees or lunge jumps even if our pelvic floor and joints are feeling okay. Maybe we are just tired and don’t want to some days!! I am easy when it comes to that. I am motivating but I help women learn to listen to their bodies.
Strong Sexy Mammas

Thanks so much for chatting with us Anna! Follow Anna on Instagram @strongsexymammas and @annakooiman and head over to the Strong Sexy Mammas website to learn more and join her next 6 week challenge


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