Gift Pack - Ultimate Baby Bliss

  • $98.00 AUD

Approved by the Australiasian Eczema Association

Send a beautiful treat to that Mama or Mum-to-be. These gift packs are beautiful curated with little bits and pieces that will be so useful for every new bubba.

Gender neutral, natural products that are perfect for every newborn. Perfect for baby showers or gifting to that new mumma. Send this straight to the lucky parents.

This is the ultimate gift pack, which includes the Gilly Goat Calm Baby Oil Bath Milk, Soothing Nappy Cream, Soft Baby Moisturising Lotion, a Lush Plush Wash Cloth and a Lush Bib beautiful presented in the Gilly Goat canvas giftbag.

Save 24% with this gift pack. Original value: $128.25

The Gilly Goat range are all naturally derived with NO parabens or sulphates, NO synthetic fragrances or artificial colours, NO petrochemicals,NO other harmful nasties and NEVER tested on animals. Toxic Free and Made Safe accredited.

The Gilly Goat range have proudly been approved by the Eczema Association Australiasia, which helps recognise products that are suitable for care of eczema or sensitive skin - and all newborns have sensitive skin.


Includes these beautiful products:

1. A magical bath milk made with pure calming oils. When added into the bath it transforms the water into a soft, nourishing milk.  Gilly Goat Calm Baby Oil Bath Milk is rich in vitamins A, Vitamin E, Chamomile and Lavender that deeply moisturises and calms your baby. Pour a small amount of oil into a warm bath and allow to disperse into a light, milky cloud. Simply allow your baby to splash playfully and enjoy a relaxing, calming bath.  As a nourishing massage oil, gently massage a small amount onto your baby’s skin then rinse in a warm bath for extra soothing bath time.

2. Gilly Goat Soft Baby Moisturising Lotion is made to soothe and condition your delicate baby’s skin with the natural benefits of highly moisturising Goat’s Milk, botanical extracts and oils of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Lavender and Chamomile. An extra soft baby lotion that’s quickly absorbed to keep your baby smooth and soft. Massage into your baby’s skin for instant hydration leaving the skin soft & smooth.

3. Gilly Goat Soothing Nappy Cream is extra gentle and helps protect delicate skin against nappy rash. Enriched with nourishing Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Allantoin and Aloe Vera to soothe and protect your baby’s bottom. This extra nourishing, non-greasy formula with Lavender and Chamomile oils will naturally calm and protect, keeping your baby happy. Gently apply to nappy area at change time or as needed.

3. A Lush Plush WashclothPerfect bath time washcloths. Double sided extra thick double plush wash cloth made from pure cotton super soft finish brings gentle, soft-to-the-touch cleaning and sweetness to baby bath time. Accented with signature Gilly stripe trim.

4. An adorable Lush Plush Bib

5. Gilly Goat Canvas Bag.


Gilly Goat is a beautiful Australian brand and all their products are Made in Australia.


A little video introduction the Gilly Goat skincare range: