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Baby Luno is still an up & coming baby shop that has not been around for very long and we now want YOUR help to get it out there to all pregnant ladies and new mums everywhere and especially in beautiful Australia!

We are looking for new brand ambassadors to raise our brand awareness and help spread the word about our one-stop baby shop and we want this to be YOU!

Description of the ambassadors we are looking for:

  • You are absolutely in LOVE with our baby shop, baby luno.
  • You are either pregnant or you have a baby that is younger than 10 months.
  • You have an Instagram and Facebook account with a decent following.
  • You love to post photos of your baby.
  • You know several people who would love our shop too.
  • You must be based in Australia.
  • You are not affiliated with another baby shop like ours.

If you fit the criteria above and are interested to help spread the word about us, please get in touch - with subject line: Brand Ambassador. Please include info about what stage of motherhood you are at and links to your social media pages.

You will get more information when you email us of what is involved by being an ambassador but the basic gist is that you will post on social media about our brand, chat to all your mummy friends and mums groups etc.




  • Posted by Crystal Stevens on

    My daughter Harper is almost three months old. She is our first child and basically we are obsessed with her! We love taking photos, designing and sewing new outfits and playing with her. Harper is a happy baby and is just a huge bundle of joy. We would love for you to consider her as an ambassador- she would make a beautiful addition to your clothing line. We are located in tropical North Queensland, in Australia. My Instagram handle is crystal_danastas and I share many photos and milestone of Harper. I have approx 550 followers, but I’m sure this will grow with your beautiful clothes and Harper representing them. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Crystal x

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